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DEATHBOUND was formed in 1995 by Kai (vocals), Pete (guitar) & Kuntz (bass) under the name TWILIGHT. 2 demotapes were spawned and recorded during 1995, "Twilight" & "The Melancholy Of The Northern Landscapes". During 1996-1998 DEATHBOUND only rehearsed a couple of times due to military service and various line-up changes. In the end of 1998 a new permanent drummer was found in Robert Sundelin (SATARIEL) and in 1999 it was time to unleash the 3:rd recording "Flames of Madness" which received good reviews within the underground. During this time TWILIGHT also had a 2:nd guitarplayer Fred andersson, later on replaced by Nick Sundqvist (NECROMICON). During the summer of 2000 the bandname was changed to UNBOUND, which later on was changed into todays DEATHBOUND. Robert Sundelin decided to quit due to lack of time and was for a short time replaced by ex. GATES OF ISHTAR frontman Mikael Sandorf on drums. For the 2000 Promo CD "Elaborate the Torture" Blastmor of THYRANE decided to join as a session-drummer. During 2002 Pete (guitar) decided to move to Vasa and a new drummer was found in Q (ROTTEN SOUND/...AND OCEANS etc.). DEATHBOUND line-up anno 2003 consist of: Kai (vocals), Pete (guitar), Kuntz (bass) & Q (drums) and is considered as the best line-up so far.
Line-up: Kai - Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Kuntz - Bass
Q - Drums
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