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The Strict Order of Delirium was declared in 1998 and has evolved to it's present form through numerous major transformations and a handful of demotapes. De Lirium's Order, playing and stating their unique form of bloodstained art, is one of the most versatile bands in the Finnish Neo-Death/Thrash scene. When it comes to grinding blastbeats combined with extremely technical arragements, catchy thrash-lines, obscure melodies or whatever it may be, DLO sounds like nothing but a chainsaw singing in the night. After releasing their demo of success, "Morbid Brains", Woodcut Records saw the skills of the band and signed DLO in Summer 2003. The main composer S.M. NekroC had luckily much of new material ready and DLO recorded straightaway the debut album "Victim no. 52", which gives us a glance to the world of the cold-blooded, morbid minds behind their morbid acts.
Line-up: Corpse - Vocals
S. M. NekroC - Guitar
Dr. Lirium - Guitar
E.R. Insane - Drums
Discography @ Woodcut: