Lord Of Pagathorn will release their second full-length opus "Daimono Philia" in January 2018. Album consist of intro and eight new songs. The lyrics are dealing about the evil itself, revenge and the crush of the holy trinity.

"Daimono Philia" album was recorded and mixed by L.L. (Desolate Shrine) during the years 2016 - 2017 and mastered at Virtalahde Mastering 2017. Artwork and layout by Roni Ärling.

Album will be released by Woodcut Records.

Lord Of Pagathorn "Daimono Philia" tracklist:

Side A:
Intro: Nietzscherion
Evil To Destroy Evil
Ghosts Among Us
Prayer Of Desecration
Rise Of The Celestial Scythe

Side B:
Builders Of The Higher Places
The Spirit Of Perversion
Spiritual Spiral Stairs
Throne Of Lucifer

CD / LP / MC

Pre-Order bundles available:

"Builders Of The Higher Places" lyric video available here:





1.Black Harmony 07:54
2.Sacrifires 08:14
3.Enthroned by Antichrist 11:08
4.Satanic Ages Overture 07:52

Those "Symphonies of Satanic Black Metal" is released on CD, Tape and Vinyl at January 13th 2017.

2nd Edit. Of THYRANE - BLACK HARMONY T-SHIRT S - XXL now on webshop!
"Transparent red and silver vinyls limited to 100 copies."

1994 Thyrane has been formed under the name Thormoon. Blastmor, the former of the band and two other guys are playing their first chords of blasphemy.

1995 Blastmor is searching dedicated members but without result. Couple of songs has been composed and the bandname is changed to Thyrane. 1996 Finally Blastmor finds guitarist Daemon and bassist R.G. to join in the band, and the banner of blasphemy is raised higher.

1997 Thyrane´s music is developed to higher level so the second guitarist is necessary, Avather joins the band, in december band enters Tico-Tico studio and first satanic attack has been created in the form of "black harmony" demo.

1998 Thyrane signs a deal with Woodcut records and the "Black Harmony" was re-released as a CD.

2016 Black harmony has re-mastered to tape and vinyl on Nocromorbus studio by Tore Stjerna.




Preview track "Vuohen Siunaus" from the second album "Vuohen Siunaus"

KORGONTHURUS - Vuohen Siunaus

Korgonthurus was born into this decadent world in the late 2000, by
Corvus, Kryth and Sedit. This trio released demos "Root of Evil" and
"Black Wings of Hate" with new bassist Fyrgo on bass for the second
demo. Kryth departed from the group in 2001. Sedit and Corvus decided
that there is no sense continue Korgonthurus without Kryth, thus
Korgonthurus was buried.

2002 was the year of resurrection of Korgonthurus. Corvus and Kryth
gathered totally new line up for Korgonthurus. Necron on guitar and U666
on bass, though U666 duty on bass was short time before he decided to
depart from the group. After this Necron switched from guitar to bass.

Many years Korgonthurus worked as a trio and recorded several split
releases, self titled MLP and full length "Marras". In the year 2008
Lunatic joined in session drums and was later added as a permanent
member as Kryth switched from drums to guitar. With this line-up "Tapa
Itsesi" ep was recorded. During the year 2011 Lunatic decided to part
ways with rest of the group and focus on his own projects. After the
departure of Lunatic, Kryth was back behind the drum set.

Year 2012 was the year of change for the group, a new line up was born.
After years of working as a trio, Korgonthurus decided to include two
new guitarists, Incisura and Saturnus. After the years of silence in
live performances, this line up made it possible to activate on stage.
Second full length titled "Vuohen Siunaus" was recorded during summer
2015 and will be released on May 27th 2016 through Woodcut Records.

Cover artwork and logo artwork by Daniel "Nekronikon" Corcuera.

Vuohen Siunaus MC / CD / Digipack CD / Gatefold LP

1. Kaaos 4:58
2. Puhdistuksen Tulet 5:54
3. I.K.P.N. 6:44
4. Vuohen Siunaus 5:10
5. Inho 4:35
6. Ihmisyyden Raunioilla 6:47
7. Lux 14:18

Recording line up
Corvus - Vocals, Guitar
Saturnus - Lead guitars, acoustic guitar
Incisura - Guitars, acoustic guitars
Kryth - Drums
Necron - Bass




Preview track "Down for Grim Lord" from the third album "LUX INFERA"

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT: III - LUX INFERA Gatefold LP with 8 page 12x12 booklet.

1. Angel Graves
2. Down for Grim Lord
3. Scars for Scarred Ones
4. For Sins of the pigs
5. Through Punishing Gates
6. Behead the Infants of god
7. Regain the Dormant Realm
8. His Gift Embodied
9. Deliverance from Unknown

Formed: 2005 AMSG, Lahti FINLAND by Impaler Von Bastard.

First exhale was done in 2006 when "Total Annihilation" -demo was released. Soon
after the fast soldout demo the band recorded their storming s/t minialbum in 2007.
2008 saw the release of misanthropic 7" EP "World in Ashes". In 2009 the band
released their first full-lenght album "Cultus Nex", which gained a lot of
attention among the people over the world following the underground black metal.
2011 the band released follower for the first full-lenght called "II - Exalted
Spectres" which was once again a great proof of their strongening path.

In 2013 it will be time for pearly gates to be punished again by the unholy pact
with Woodcut Records, and yet another stab in the eyes of the holy, the third
full-lenght Sacrilegious Impalement album "III - Lux Infera"
(which stands for "The Light of Those Down Below, the Dead").

Like a fist from Hell up the arse of the "king" up high, 9 songs from beyond the
dormant realms to scar angels in their graves.

In spite of several changes in line up within these years Sacrilegious Impalement
has grown stronger through every year and release. SI's rows contains or has seen members from
Evil Angel, Exordium, Neutron Hammer, The Crescent, Urn, Vitsaus among others but
the core of SI is Von Bastard (guitars, main songwriting), Tooloud (bass), Revenant
(drums) and the new vocalist/lyricist Wrathprayer. Known for their intense and fierce live
acts, Sacrilegious Impalement has played live in several notable shows like in 2010
replacing Marduk as headlining act in Firebox Metal Fest III, Armageddon fest (Lawless
Darkness record release show) in London with Watain, Von, Nifelheim, Repugnant,
etc., a tour with Finnish Black Crucifixion + more which not mentioned here and
many more to come.For more info, gigs and details visit:

Von Bastard - guitars
Wrathprayer - vocals
Revenant - drums
Tooloud - bass

Label contact:



New releases:

Korgonthurus - Vuohen siunaus CD/MC 27.05.16 & LP 1.8.2016
Sacrilegious Impalement - Lux Infera LP 01.05.16

More info soon.




FORGOTTEN HORROR, a black / death metal act from Kuopio, Finland, was formed in January 2004 by Tuomas Karhunen (Deathchain, Jess and the Ancient Ones, True Black Dawn). The debut album "THE SERPENT CREATION" was released by WOODCUT RECORDS in September 2011, receiving a good response from the media (4/5 Terrorizer etc.).

In the spring of 2015 Forgotten Horror is ready to unleash their sophomore Lilithian summoning through Woodcut Records. The new full-length album is entitled "AEON OF THE SHADOW GODDESS" and it will be released on Walpurgis Night MMXV, followed by an album release gig in Kuopio with the Finnish cult band Demilich.

"Aeon of the Shadow Goddess" shows the band's evolved, unique style and diverse songwriting, being a leap forward on the acausal path of Lilithian Black Metal!



New releases: Perdition Winds & Lord of Pagathorn

Perdition Winds - Aura Of Suffering CD 17.10.2014

1. "Aura Of Suffering" CD with 16 page booklet 12eur
2. "Aura Of Suffering" CD + T-Shirt 27,90eur.

Lord Of Pagathorn - Nekros Philia digi CD / gatefold LP 31.10.2014

1. "Nekros Philia" 6 - panel digipak CD 13eur
2. "Nekros Philia" Gatefold LP with 180g. Vinyl 16,90eur
3. "Nekros Philia" Digipak CD + T-Shirt 28,90eur.
4. "Nekros Philia" LP + T-Shirt 32,80eur.

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Alghazanth - The Three-faced Pilgrim CD / LP ORDER Available!

ALGHAZANTH: The Three-faced Pilgrim digipak CD (OUT 13.12.2013) / LP (OUT: 14.2.2014)+ T-Shirt

1. "The Three-faced Pilgrim" Digipak CD 13eur
2. "The Three-faced Pilgrim" LP with 8 page a5 booklet. 16,90eur
3. "The Three-faced Pilgrim" Digipak CD + T-Shirt 27,90eur.
4. "The Three-faced Pilgrim" LP + T-Shirt 31,80eur.

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Alghazanth - AdraMelekTaus bundle available now!

Out 11.10.2013

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1. AdraMelekTaus MCD + T-Shirt 21,90€ | Incl. Shipping.


Listen at Soundcloud:



1. CD 13,00 eur
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22/01/2013 Order new VORUM album!

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Finland: 6,50 eur
Europe: 1 LP = 8 eur, 2 LP´s = 12 eur
Worldwide: 1 LP = 12 eur, 2LP´s 20 eur

15/12/2012 New VORUM album 25.1.2013

Click here to listen preview track!

27/04/2012 LORD OF PAGATHORN "Shine Through My Scars, Morning Star! " 7" vinyl

T-SHIRT 16,90eur. | LONGSLEAVE 19,90eur. Size´s [ S - XXL ]

Last copies of red edition:
LORD OF PAGATHORN "Shine through my scars..." 7"ep - Red Edit. Ltd. 100 7"ep price 8eur. If you want both version´s black and red. Then price is 15eur.

Orders: woodcut(at)
Prices including postages worldwide.


Lord Of Pagathorn crawled out from its decayed coffin in 1992 at the Arctic Circle, Finland. The first demo "The Chaos Spirit Among Us" was viciously chanted out in 1994 and back then the demo gained huge interest in the black metal underground scene. The hour of blasphemy and chaos triumphed.

24th of December 2010, over one and a half decade later, Lord Of Pagathorn once again united their forces with the dead and puked out their second demo "MSILIHPORCEN" presenting first three dusty chapters from the "Nekros Philia" theme album, which Lord Of Pagathorn was writing in their rehearsal crypt. In short period, the demo gained praising feedback and killer reviews.

Lord Of Pagathorn roared out from its lifeless crypt and made a record deal with Woodcut Records. The deal consists of two full length albums. Recordings and invocations for the first full length album are planned to start under the waning crescent Moon in the year of the Devil 2012. Before the recording work for the first full length, Lord Of Pagathorn has now attacked the studio and recorded one new song and one cover song for "Shine through my scars, Morning Star!" 7" vinyl which will be released by Woodcut Records. These new songs are not to be presented on "Nekros Philia" full length.

-C, H, S 2012 A.S.-


FORGOTTEN HORROR is proud to announce a dark alliance with WOODCUT RECORDS! The debut album entitled 'THE SERPENT CREATION' will be out on September 2nd, 2011 and the first ever FH live ceremony will take place that same day in Tampere, Finland! A music video of the title track will also be published on the release date... this marks the beginning of our ritual.

In Nomine Draconis!

Tuomas Karhunen on behalf of FORGOTTEN HORROR

Download full track from 'THE SERPENT CREATION':

Artwork by Ketola.


1. Destroyer Of Time
2. Poison Of God
3. For Thy Crimson Glory
4. Burial Ground Prayer
5. She Who Dwells Beyond Death
6. The Serpent Creation
7. Hannibal
8. Dreams Of Scipio

26/05/2011 ALGHAZANTH: Vinum Intus 2LP and Wreath of Thevetat LP

ALGHAZANTH: Vinum Intus 2LP and Wreath of Thevetat LP
PRE-ORDER PACKAGE AVAILABLE! Ltd. 100. Out 06.06.2011


1. V.I. 2LP 22,90€
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4. V.I. 2LP + W.o.T LP 35,90€
5. V.I. 2LP + W.oT LP + V.I. t-shirt 47,90€

Finland: 6,50€
Europe: 1 LP = 8€, 2 LP´s = 12€
Worldwide: 1 LP = 12€, 2LP´s 20€


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VINUM INTUS T-SHIRT & LONGSLEAVE [ S - XXL ] & DIGIPAK CD 24,90 eur. | 29,90 eur.


09/04/2010 Enochian Crescent - New album pre-order package!




01. Lyijysiipi
02. Mato musta maanalainen
03. Muisto sorkasta
04. Ystävämme nukkuu
05. Golgotha
06. Omega Nefilim



Kuusi laulua runsaassa puolessa tunnissa soittava albumi NEF.VI.LIM julkaistaan Suomessa 28. huhtikuuta. Albumin esimaistiaisena julkaistaan palmusunnuntaina 28.3. kappale Lyijysiipi nettisinglenä. Lyijysiiven iskut löytyvät yhtyeen Youtube, Myspace, ja Facebook -sivuilta.

Vuonna 1995 alkunsa saanut Black Metal -yhtye Enochian Crescent juhlistaa 15v. taivaltaan uudella albumijulkaisulla. Perustajajäsenet vokalisti Wrath ja kitaristi-laulaja Viktor sekä vuodesta 2001 asti yhtyeessä ollut rumpali Bolton esiintyvät nyt ensimmäistä kertaa äänitteellä runsaan vuoden mukana olleiden uusien jäsenten Tunturituuli (basso) ja Vilhelm (kitara) kanssa.

NEF.VI.LIM -albumin edeltäjä Black Church oli ehdokkaana vuoden 2006 levy Finnish Metal Expo äänestykseen ja päätyi lopulta vuoden top-5 levyksi. Seuraavana työnään yhtye valmistautuu äänittämään täysin suomeksi laulettavaa täyspitkää levyä kuluvan vuoden aikana.

Enochian Crescent on kulkenut aina omia polkujaan sekä musiikillisesti että sanoituksellisesti ja uusi levy jatkaa näitä perinteitä kunniakkaasti. Rikas ja musiikin teorian rajamailla viihtyvä ilmaisu on puristettu kompromisseitta iskevien sävellysten muotoon joista yksikään ei kuulosta samalta kuin toinen, mutta silti kuulostaa joka käänteessä kiinnostavalta ja leimallisesti EC:ltä.

Tervetuloa langenneiden enkelten maille.

01. Lyijysiipi
02. Mato musta maanalainen
03. Muisto sorkasta
04. Ystävämme nukkuu
05. Golgotha
06. Omega Nefilim

11.6. Hammer Open Air, Lieto
24.-26.6. TBC
2.-4.7. TBC
16.-18.7. Simerock, Rovaniemi

NEF.VI.LIM (2010)
Black Church (2006)
Citizen Cain, OBC Collection split (2005)
Omega Telocvovim (2000)
Babalon Patralx de Telocvovim (1998)
Telocvovim (1997)

Wrath - vokaalit
Viktor - kitara, laulu
Bolton - rummut
Tunturituuli - basso
Vilhelm - kitara

12/02/2010 Chthonian new album

CHTHONIAN, the black metal act featuring FINNTROLL frontman Vreth, will
release its new album, "The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord", on February 18th and March 12. Worldwide. Two songs from the CD ? "You Will Not Lie To Me, Christ!" and "The
Filthmonger" ? are available for streaming on the band's Myspace page.

"The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord" features "eight new songs of CHTHONIAN-style
black metal."

1. scoff at the benign
2. you should be ashamed of yourselves
3. might makes right
4. you will not lie to me, christ!
5. as we grow horns
6. the filthmonger
7. oppose, enlighten
8. the preachings of hate are lord

CHTHONIAN's last album, "Of Beatings and the Silence in Between", came out in
March 2007 through Woodcut.


Mathias Lillmåns - Vocals & Bass
Markus Rosenberg - Drums
Jonas Frilund - Guitar
Staffan Holmnäs - Guitar

[Official] You will not lie to me, Christ! video on youtube!

"The Preachings of Hate Are Lord" album & t-shirt pre-order available now!

09/01/2010 Vorum and Vasaeleth split EP

VASAELETH (USA) and VORUM (Fin) will soon begin recording for a split EP to be released through Negative Existence mid 2010. The split will showcase two orthodox, true death metal songs from each band.

VASAELETH is the true hand of death. Their works are raw, crushingly heavy, minimalistic, and drenched in cold and evil atmosphere. Members of LEGIONS OF ASTAROTH and DAGON unite to create sinister, murky, and brutal sounds that will fill the void left by Autopsy, Rottrevore and early Incantation.

VORUM embodies the fundamental elements that spawned the genre: Speed, heaviness, and aggression. They are a monolith of discontinuity that today's scene so desperately needs... Dexterously poised amidst Demigod, Abhorrence and Nihilist, VORUM beget early 1990's Scandinavian death metal in its purest sense.

This unholy assemblage, presented fittingly on an antiquated medium, will surely be one of the greatest releases of 2010. Impending cover art by Alexander L. Brown / BNB Illustration & Design (Witchrist, Cruciamentum etc...). Mastering to be completed by HND certified Resonance Sound Studio UK (Lie In Ruins, Caïna, Bestial Detestation, Servorum etc...).

VASAELETH discography:
Demo MMIX, 2009 (Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
Adorned & Iridescent, EP 2009 (Blood Harvest)
Crypt Born And Tethered To Ruin, Full length - 2010 (Profound Lore)

VORUM discography:
Grim Death Awaits, EP - 2009 (Woodcut Records)

Samples of the bands' previous work can be heard from each myspace page - /

The EP will be available from as well as from many other fine distributors.

07/05/2009 Behexen digi cd + shirt pre-order


BEHEXEN: From The Devil´s Chalice DIGI CD + T-SHIRT! out 06.06.2009

The 6 page DIGI CD includes 6 morbid worshipping incantations for ye Lord.

Canto I- Invocation of Zabulus
Canto II- Melancholic remembrances of dark times
Canto III- From the Devils chalice
Canto IV- Void...
Canto V- Holy foul
Canto VI- Canticle(for ye Lord)

Order information:

17/03/2009 Woodcut signs Vorum

Woodcut Records has signed old school death metal band VORUM! Their 1st MCD "Grim Death Awaits" will be released 8.04.09 in Scandinavia and 24.4.09 Worldwide.

Vorum Myspace
Vorum Last fm



31/10/2008 New Sotajumala video online!

New sotajumala video "oikeutus" posted online:

10/09/2008 Sotajumala 2cds and patch -offer!

Now you can buy both Sotajumala album´s "dmf" and "teloitus" with cheap price and you can get patch for free! This price including postage worldwide. Orders:


ALGHAZANTH: Wreath Of Thevevat album 6th june 2008

Alghazanth is an artistic entity channeling the twin stream of all-devouring Darkness and the profound Enlightenment that lies hidden therein. The core of this beast is Black Metal, majestic atmosphere forms the flesh around its bones and Occult Satanism runs through its veins. Though its faces have been many and the shape has shifted often, its current manifestation harbours five damned souls in its flaming heart.

More information & new songs on band website
01. On Blackening Soil
02. The Phosphorescent

SOTAJUMALA: Teloitus album 13th june 2008
"Teloitus entered charts at position 17! In Finnish Top 40"

Sotajumala is a Finnish death metal band founded in 1998. The name translates to "Wargod" and allmost all lyrics are in their native language The band has gained loyal following throught hard work, several shows and solid releases. Current members are Mynni Luukkainen, Kosti Orbinski, Pete Lapio, Tomi Otsala and Timo Häkkinen. As a result of meticulous writing process the band has just unleashed their sophomore album, Teloitus. The current line-up has solidified their own sound and the approach to song-writing has also taken some very important steps forward. With these eight songs Sotajumala proves they are band to keep an eye on. Expect nothing but a massive dose of crushing Finnish death metal!.

Video available in Youtube:
Track "Torture" in
More information & news:

18/02/2008 New contact e-mail!



Please update your address books.

18/02/2008 Alghazanth's new album

Alghazanth: wreath of thevetat digipak cd release set to 25.2.2008

02/02/2008 News about the Behexen 7"ep box set!

Sotajumala, Enochian Crescent & Alghazanth live dates

Sotajumala Live!

15.2.08 Finnish metal Expo, Helsinki
1.3.08 Klubi, Turku w/ Torture Killer, The Zombi, Inimicality
15.3.08 Curium Metal Fest, Gloria, Helsinki w/ Amoral, Ghost Brigade, Codeo.
21.3.08 Nigthlife, Lahti w/ Impaled Nazarene, Gloria Morti
22.3.08 Bar 68, Jyväskylä.
18.4.08 Rytmi-Katti, Kouvola

Enochian Crescent Live!

23.2 Kuusisaari, Oulu w/ Behexen, Alghazanth
22.3 Nightlife, Lahti w/ Barathrum, De Lirium´s Order
18.4 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki w/ Metsatöll, Dark The Suns etc...

Alghazanth Live!

23.2. Kuusisaari, Oulu w/ Enochian Crescent, Behexen
29.2. Lutakko, Jyväskylä w/ Charnel Winds

05/01/2008 News about the Behexen 7"ep box set!

Behexen: from the devil´s chalice 3 x 7"ep box set 15.1.2008!!!


BEHEXEN - 3 x 7"ep box set.

Behexen: From The Devil´s Chalice 3 x 7"ep box set

Finally out 15.1.2008

Ordering info and details at

30/10/2007 News about the Behexen 7"ep box set!

BEHEXEN: From The Devils Chalice box-set has still not been released!!! (set: 31.10.07)

But the covers have finally arrived from the print. It took unbelievable 630 days from Thing Makers (US.) to print them! When the covers were ready, Thing Makers also announced, that their delivering company won’t deliver in the Nordic countries, and so those unprofessional amateurs couldn’t arrange the delivery in Finland. The covers themselves needed to be fetched by the help of the Woodcuts US acquaintances. Never before have we needed to run into such an unprofessionalism.

Vinyls are already in press, and the release will happen when they arrive, probably in November 07.

The years of delay(spit!) have guaranteed that the box, when being released, will be ripped out of hands, which was not the original idea at all. And thus the best option is to release this material also in the digibackCD form, to restrain the prostituting dealers, peddlers and traders!

24/09/2007 SOTAJUMALA teloitus pre-ordering
Pre-order new Sotajumala cd "Teloitus" from Recordshop X, CLICK HERE!
24/09/2007 BEHEXEN "By the Blessing of Satan" PIC-LP HOH 015
"The black cult offers it's chalice! Magnificent BTBS is now presented one last time on vinyl, now in a great looking picture vinyl with gatefold sleeve, featuring new artworks and the bonustrack featured on the regular vinyl too! Limited to 500 copies The vinyl sleeve is a gatefold with a cut out inside which brilliantly shows the picturedisc itself when it's placed inside the sleeve."

24/09/2007 SOTAJUMALA "Kuolinjulistus" video online!
Are you ready to hear what Teloitus sounds like? Well, it must be your lucky day! Here's the music video for Kuolinjulistus! The video will be included on the album as well as the single, but we knew you couldn't wait that long.

24/09/2007 Pre-order SOTAJUMALA "Teloitus" cd now!!
You can now pre-order Teloitus through Finnish record store Levykauppa Äx aka Record Shop X. You can either order just the cd or go for the cd + shirt combo. Paypal and credit card payments are supported, fast deliveries only 2,50 € worldwide! Here's the cover artwork for the album, but just wait until you'll get your hands on the whole package!

The shirt is a limited edition and has been designed for this pre-order package only – when they're gone, they're gone forever. It is completely in Finnish and says Teloitettu, which means executed, on front and comes with a dictionary definition of execution on the back – you never know when you might need it!
22/07/2007 Horna on tour!!
Sep. 07 (Fri) UK London @ The Fridge
Sep. 08 (Sat) FRANCE Paris @ Nouveau Casino
Sep. 09 (Sun) NETHERLANDS Arnheim @ Goudvishal
Sep. 10 (Mon) GERMANY Ellrich @ Lindenhof
Sep. 11 (Tue) NETHERLANDS Groningen @ Oude RKZ
Sep. 12 (Wen) DENMARK Copenhagen @ The Rock
Sep. 14 (Fri) FINLAND Turku @ Klubi
Sep. 15 (Sat) FINLAND Tampere @ Klubi
Sep. 16 (Sun) FINLAND Helsinki @ Nosturi
Sep. 18 (Tue) POLAND Poznan @ Bazyl
Sep. 19 (Wen) CZECH REP. Brno @ Faval
Sep. 20 (Thu) SERBIA Belgrade @ SKC Beograd
Sep. 21 (Fri) HUNGARY Budapest @ Blue Hell
Sep. 22 (Sat) GERMANY Annaberg-B @ Asgard
Sep. 23 (Sun) GERMANY Worms @ Lord of Kerry
Sep. 24 (Mon) FRANCE Lyon @ Lyon's Hall
Sep. 25 (Tue) SWITZERLAND Langnau i.E. @ Kupferschmiede
Sep. 26 (Wen) AUSTRIA Vienna @ Viper Room
Sep. 27 (Thu) SLOVENIA Ljubljana @ Channel 0
Sep. 28 (Fri) ITALY Roma @ Dissesto Musicale
Sep. 29 (Sat) ITALY Padova @ Country Star
22/07/2007 Sotajumala enter studio!
Hitting studio, finally! That's right, we're leaving today and shall spend the next two and half weeks in Vaasa with Hannu Koivisto recording our second album, entitled Teloitus (Finnish for execution). We've got a studio blog up at Track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Tappaja ja tapettu
2. Arkku vailla vainajaa
3. Kuolinjulistus
4. Riistetty viattomuus
5. Verellä kirjoitettu
6. Oikeutus
7. Kidutus
8. Teloitus

The release date isn't set yet, but as soon as we know it, we'll let you know. The album will be out in Finland by the end of the year and before that we'll put out a single with one bonus track. That's all folks, keep an eye on the studio blog. We're excited as hell!

27/06/2007 Alghazanth new album!
It's time to give some news about the up-coming fifth full-length assault. We have finally composed all the material for the album and in concrete terms this translates as 8 tracks and approximately 47 minutes. The recording sessions will commence on the 14th of June when we'll enter Tico Tico Studio for four days in order to hammer down the drumtracks. All the rest instruments, vocals and whatnots will be recorded in Jyväskylä and Helsinki during July and August. We will keep you posted on the progress when such shall occur.
27/06/2007 Enochian Crescent "The Black Church" LP out NOW!
The Finnish ENOCHIAN CRESCENT defines the term Occult Black Metal being one of the most dedicated worship groups globally, sunken deep into the world of shadows.. The new masterpiece after the glorious Telocvovim-trilogy is the BLACK CHURCH, opening it's doors to those who dare to venture in the blackness within! From fast beating to slow melancholy these Enochian spells will haunt you with good production sound quality and genious songs dedicated to the horned lord, now cast into luxurious Black vinyl format, strictly limited to 500 copies! orders: ||
27/06/2007 ENOCHIAN CRESCENT's video for the song "Ghost of Saturn" and CHTHONIAN video for "Thirteen"

click here for EC video!

The "Ghost of Saturn" clip was filmed in March & April 2007 with director Tommi Lind in the countryside near Tampere, Finland. The video brings to life visually the heavy-hearted aspects of the song and its lyrics. The song portrays conventional Saturnian aspect of time, that is as the elderly melancholic. who's life is turning to the end. The video passes by as quickly as life itself.

The song is taken from the critically acclaimed full length album "Black Church" released by Woodcut Records. The album was nominated for the album of the year category and Enochian Crescent was nominated for the best band category on the Finnish Metal Awards 2006. Both finishing up in top-5 of the year after the votes were counted.

Also he video for the new Chthonian single "Thirteen" is finally posted online! You will find it in the 'Jukebox' section. In order to enjoy the video you need to have a flashplayer installed.
05/02/2007 Behexen: from the devils chalice 7"ep box set release pushed back!
Behexen: from the devils chalice 7"ep box set is not yet available! There have been some problems with the press factory !! New release date will be set rightafter the covers arrive to Finland.
19/12/2006 Enochian Crescent nominated in Finnish Metal Awards 2006!
Enochian Crescent has been nominated for the best band category and Black Church for the album of the year category on the Finnish Metal Awards 2006. Voting is now possible in the following categories:

- "Levy" (album of the year),
- "Bändi" (best band),
- "Tulokas" (new artist),
- "Kansitaide" (best cover artwork),
- "Soittaja" (best instrumentalist),
- "Laulaja" (best vocalist), and
- "Imperiumi-palkinto", a free category where anything related to the Finnish metal scene (i.e. people, magazines, festivals etc) can be suggested for consideration.

Please vote for Enochian Crescent on the album of the year ("Levy") & best band ("Bändi") categories 15.12. - 31.1.2007. Your support is appreciated!

Enochian Crescent on nimetty vuoden bändi ehdokkaaksi ja Black Church on nimetty vuoden levy ehdokkaaksi Finnish Metal Awards 2006 äänestykseen. Ole hyvä ja käy äänestämässä oikeita vaihtoehtoja 15.12. - 31.1.2007. Tukeanne arvostetaan!

Vote here/Äänestä täällä:
07/03/2006 Vinyl releases by Hammer of Hate coming up!
Hammer of Hate will release vinyl versions of Enochian Crescent's legendary debut album Telocvovim and the recently unleashed new album Black Church. Both will have gatefold covers and will be limited to 666 copies. Also the Behexen's By the Blessing of Satan will be released as a picture vinyl by Hammer of Hate.
14/01/2006 Enochian Crescent re-signed!
Woodcut Records has re-signed one of the first Woodcut artists, Enochian Crescent. To celebrate this and the 11th anniversary of Enochian Crescent, Woodcut Records will release the new Enochian Crescent full-lenght album called Black Church 22/02/2006(Scandinavia).
14/01/2006 Alghazanth's new vocalist revealed!
SWALLOW THE SUN front man Mikko Kotamäki has joined ALGHAZANTH as their new vocalist. Kotamäki's involvement with ALGHAZANTH will not affect his status in SWALLOW THE SUN, which remains his priority. Check out their website!
27/11/2005 OBC collection 3-way split coming soon!
The 3-way split OBC collection from O, Black Dawn and Enochian Crescent will be released 7/12/2005. It contains three new and unreleased songs from each band.


O - manifest of futurism
01. amm.unit.ion 909
02. n01.r est-8
03. 352.1852

BLACK DAWN - Boogeyman unbound
welcome to the Shriikshow
04. the god is all
05. ihr gesicht ist weiss
tentacles come
06. the man with the Hole in his head

07. Hendekagrammaton
08. Typfon
09. Muisto Sorkasta
1/10/2005 Sotajumala/Torture Killer split release coming up!
Sotajumala/Torture Killer split CDS and 7" will be released 12/10/2005. It contains two brutal and aggressive death metal tracks from both bands.

01. Sotajumala - 8:15
02. Sotajumala - Bind, Torture, Kill
03. Torture Killer - Day of Cadavers
04. Torture Killer - Defiled and Dead

There are also two samples available (one from both bands) through MAIN page. Check them out!

Official websites:
5/5/2005 De Lirium's Order vocalist stabbed to death.
De Lirium's Order vocalist Tuomas "Tuoppi" Lintulaakso [1980 - 2005] was stabbed to death in Helsinki on April 15th. The DLO members will truly miss a great friend and the vocalist of the band. De Lirium's Order will tribute the Deathkampen 3 tour in Tuoppi's memory. Corpse (Deathchain) has agreed to do tour with the band.

Syvimmät osanottoni myös Woodcutin puolesta omaisille ja ystäville.
Mikael Salo / Woodcut Records
23/1/2005 Atakhama mp3 single available!
Atakhama has released song "Predatory Acts" as an mp3 single from their forthcoming album "Existence Indifferent". The song can be downloaded through their website
23/1/2005 Sample available from Behexen's "From the Devils Chalice"!
A sample is now available on from "From the Devils Chalice" 3x7" box.
23/1/2005 Funeris Nocturnum R.I.P.
Funeris Nocturnum has been dead and buried since April 2004. Ruho left the band in February and Trmnt.xes in April, and as a result of these line-up changes the remaining four of us pondered the future of the band for a little while. We all came to the conclusion that it would be best to continue with a new name and a new band. We tried and tried, but never seemed to come up with the perfect name for this new band of ours. This has been the sole reason we've sort of continued as Funeris Nocturnum. It has not been the same band and quite frankly no one really wants it to be, either. Now that we have finally chosen the name for our new band, we can officially lay Funeris Nocturnum to rest - there is no such band anymore.

We want to thank all our fans, friends and supporters for the great years. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you all!

- Horgath, ImpresouvenairMort-nérgal, Sin'equamnon, TMON

Our new band is called Atakhama. We're signed to Woodcut Records and our debut album "Existence Indifferent" should be out soon. It's hard to label our music, but I guess you could call it extreme metal, as we're quite much death metal oriented. No matter what you call it, we're far from Funeris Nocturnum.

- Atakhama: Simo Rahikainen, Matti Honkonen, Timo Häkkinen, J-V Hintikka, Jimmy Salmi
16/1/2005 "By the Blessing of Satan" LP version.
Behexen's "By the Blessing of Satan" LP version is released 17.1.2005 by Blut&Eisen prod. Lp version includes 1 unreleased bonus track and a poster. Limited to 500 copies.
4/1/2005 Funeris Nocturnum new album info.
After two years since their last release (Code 666 - Religion Syndrome Deceased) Funeris Nocturnum, Finnish extreme metallers, have finished work on their fourth full-length and have also re-signed to Woodcut Records. In co-operation with their label, the band is now preparing to unleash EXISTENCE INDIFFERENT in early 2005.

EXISTENCE INDIFFERENT presents yet another line-up for the band with Simo Rahikainen (IMN) on guitar, Matti Honkonen (Horgath) on bass, J-V Hintikka (Sin'equamnon) on guitar, Timo Häkkinen (TMON) on drums and Jimmy Salmi on vocals. "Right after we had recorded Code 666 we replaced our previous drummer Draco with Timo. Then during two months' span and some six months before the studio time we had booked, our keyboard player Ruho and singer Trmnt.xes both left the band. We didn't really have a place for the keyboards in our new music anyway and luckily we were able to find Jimmy to take care of the vocals. This band is continuing strong as ever!" says Rahikainen.

The new album reaches new heights in extreme metal. "I'm really happy that after such a long break from recording we managed to produce an album this good!" says the main song-writer Rahikainen. "I think after three full-length albums, we now have a better line-up than ever and we are finding yet new paths for this band to take. Everyone is really excited about this album. Does it still sound like Funeris Nocturnum? Well, yes and no. Myself and Honkonen have been writing songs for this band since the first album, but our ideas and song-writing skills have come a long way since. We did some things a bit different this time around. In a way you can see this album as a mixture of all of our previous releases and then some more. Some songs are just as fast as those on the first album, but overall we're far from that. This album sounds more aggressive, dynamic and straight-forward. The lyrics go deep into human mind's perversities and obsessions as well as paradoxes and disadvantages of modern society."

01. Regiment Of Inhumanity
02. Lifeless And Blistering
03. Hypothesis Of Humankind
04. Syndrome
05. World To Dominate
06. Dead Wounded Imprisoned
07. Consequence
08. Refuelling The Black Blood
09. Predatory Acts
10. Existence Indifferent

Of the tracks on the new album Rahikainen adds "There are certainly some of the slowest songs we have ever done on the album, but overall it's really aggressive and quite a fast album. We have consciously taken steps aside from black metal and added touches of death metal." When asked about the title Rahikainen revealed "EXISTENCE INDIFFERENT comes from the category meaning that existence and self-consciousness are the same being. The same, not as a matter of comparison, but really and truly in and for themselves. The rest of the meanings? Try to figure it out for yourself. Prepare yourself, this album is going to hit you hard".
1/1/2005 Site refreshed!
The appearance of the site has been refreshed as you can see. Also some content updates have been done (e.g. with artists).