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Unveiled was formed in 1996 by Infection (guitar), Mr. Impure (guitar), Wiinikka (drums) and Hokkanen (bass). A few months after the actual birth of Unveiled, Nebiros joined the horde as the verbal blasphemer. The first demo, titled "Entrance My Night Immortal", was recorded in 1997 at J.R Studio and gained quite positive response from both the 'zines and the individuals who bought the tape. In 1999 Wiinikka was replaced by Gorath from Alghazanth. Also, Hokkanen departed from Unveiled and bass playing fell onto Infection's shoulders. In 2000 Unveiled entered Studio Watercastle in order to record a promotional tape consisting of four songs. Two songs from that promo were released by Shades of Autumn Prod. as the "7 "Suicide Inc.". Nebiros quit his growling in Unveiled and thus the responsibility for exhaling mockery moved onto Infection. In late 2001 Unveiled re-visited Studio Watercastle and recorded another promo which resulted in a deal with Woodcut Records. The debut full-length bastard, "Anti-god behavior", was concieved in September 2002 in the same studio as the promos with Infection on guitars, vox and bass, Mr. Impure on guitar and with Gorath behind the drums.
Line-up: Infection - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mr. Impure - Guitar
Gorath - Drums
Discography @ Woodcut: